Get your competitive hankies at the ready!

Supplies Needed

  • Handkerchiefs,
  • Rags,
  • Cloth,
  • Friends.

Cloth handkerchiefs are quite unique and hard to find these days. Don’t despair if you no longer own cloth handkerchiefs, they can be easily substituted for a rag, scarf or something similar.


Key vocabulary: handkerchief, cloth, rag, hold, walk, run, pick, drop, circle, chases.

Key questions: Can you form a circle? Can you catch the handerchief? Can you chase?

The activity:

Game A

Ask the children to form a circle. Child A is chosen, they hold the handkerchief and walk around the outside of the circle.

Child A will drop the handkerchief behind or onto the legs of Child B who is sitting in the circle.

Child A will then begin to run around the circle in an attempt to sit in Child B’s place.

Child B in the meantime must quickly retrieve the handkerchief and run after Child A. If they are successful in catching Child A before they can steal the position in the circle then they are then ‘on’ it.

Game B

Again ask the children to form a circle. They can sit or stand.

The team leader holds the handkerchief up high and allows it to fall to the ground. As the hankie begins to fall to the ground they call out a child’s name.

The child in question is then challenged to catch the hankie before it touches the ground. If they are successful in catching the hankie before it touches the ground then they now throw the hankie back in to the air and call out another child’s name.

The newly chosen child is now challenged to catch the hankie.

If a child fails to catch the hankie then they are out of the game and are required to sit outside of the circle. The last child in the circle is the winner!

Great handkerchief simplistic fun!


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