Happy Little Feet – Baby Massage


Supplies Needed

  • Blanket or soft towel,
  • Baby oil.

This is a very simple, relaxing activity to carry out with your baby or toddler at home. It involves very little resources and can take place at any time that you feel is best in your child’s daily routine.

The activity: choose a comfortable, quiet area in your home. Place a blanket or soft towel over your lap. Lie your baby down upon the blanket/towel facing towards you with their legs touching your tummy. Remove socks and roll up sleeves.

Carefully add some of your chosen baby oil onto your hands. Rub your hands together spreading the oil equally.

Make lots of eye contact with your baby. Talk to your baby as you rub the oil gently onto their feet, arms and hands. Sing gently to your baby.

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend precious time with your baby improving your bond. Not only will it help your child to relax and eventually sleep but will help to relieve their wind and colic.

Health and safety: patch test any oil you use on your baby to ensure that it will not have an adverse effect upon their skin. Be careful when picking up your baby after the massage, the oil will make your hands slippery.

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