Make a Compliment Wall – Give and Receive Compliments.

Supplies Needed

  • • Paper bricks,
  • • Pens,
  • • Tack to attach to the wall.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop your child’s ability to give and receive compliments. Being able to successful give and receive compliments is a vital skill in making, developing and retaining friendships.

Key vocabulary: Compliment, sincere, friendship, good, accept, gracious.

Key questions: What is a compliment? How do you feel when you give/ receive a compliment? How should you respond to a compliment? Can you make somebody else feel good when you give them a compliment?

The activity: Explain that you are going to become a builder and build a brick wall. In order to build your brick wall you will first need to understand what compliments are and how to give and receive them.

A compliment is a way of making another person feel good about themselves. A compliment can be spoken or can be a kind action. Discuss what types of compliments your child has received recently. How did it make them feel inside?

Ask your child to consider the types of compliments that they could give family members or friends. Keep a list of your compliments for your child to refer to

throughout the day/week. When your child has successfully given the compliment write it upon a brick and start to build your wall.

Discuss with your child appropriate ways in which to receive and accept a compliment. The simple response ‘thank you’ is always appropriate. Throughout the day/week test your child’s ability to receive a compliment. Wait for their response and if appropriate write it upon another brick and place it into the compliment wall.

Simplify: Identify four compliments they could give to a fictional character.

Challenge: To give as many sincere compliments as they can. Make sure every family member and friend has received a compliment.

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