Cardiff National Museum

Supplies Needed

  • A good pair of walking shoes.

We had a fantastic day out at the Cardiff National Museum. Settled right in the heart of the city and found in the most beautiful of architecture, Cardiff Museum is home to  wonderful exhibits of natural history, art and archaeology.

We really enjoyed exploring the ‘Evolution of Wales’ exhibit, which took children on a fun-filled 4,600 year journey.

An amazing iron meteorite found in Namibia in 1836.

Very excited to see this piece – one of the first samples of Lunar rock collected by the manned American Apollo space mission in 1969! All Lunar rock was once molten and are dated between 2900 and 4400 million years old.

The woolly mammoth skeleton towered above us. The sheer size of it was enormous.

A woolly rhinoceros – looks a little grumpy to me!

This dinosaur roomed the land.

This dinosaur’s thigh bone was as tall as us. It was originally discovered in Utah America.

We moved on to the art exhibition which is one of the finest in Europe. We were treated to beautiful cases of ceramics.


Our favorite exhibit was French Impressionism and Post- Impressionism. Rodin’s kiss, Renoir’s La Parissiene, Monet’s Waterlilies, Van Goch’s Rain and Picasso’s Nature Morte Au Poron.

A brilliant introduction for children to archaeology and the Arts. We managed to cover a third of the museum. We will definitely return very soon to explore it further.

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